Finished Music

  • In This Love – This was for a contest on Acid Planet. Didn’t win, but enjoyed making the song and was pretty pleased with results. I think I did it justice.
  • The Other Night (6.8 MB) (formerly Foolin’ Around Groove) – All from samples in Acid Pro 3.0.
  • Third Affected (14.0 MB) – Ableton Live ‘live’ performance that was then edited.
  • Oo The Germans (dance version) – Based on sample from the show The Simpson’s. What’s cool about this one is that I did it using Ableton Live on my laptop, waiting for my flight, then in a hotel room and sneaking out for breaks during a conference. I had brought my little Oxygen 8 keyboard with me, small enough to pack. You really can make music anywhere!

Work In Progress

  • Nevermore (6.5 MB) – Cubase SX 2.0, Absynth 2.0 and Carbon, Reason via Rewire for percussion
  • DB Dream v0.4 – Acid Pro 4.0, Absynth VST. Mix of both samples and keyboards/Absynth.
  • Funky Techno v0.2 – Acid Pro 4.0, Absynth VST. Drums and incidental sounds are samples, but the rest is keyboards/Absynth