Generative Art 2007

I’m off to Generative Art 2007 in Milan once again this year.  I’ll be presenting a paper Theory of Complexity.  This will be the 10th anniversary of the conference so it ought to be a good one.

I happened to be at the first: at the time OTI would send you to one conference a year and I happened upon that one in a web search.  I was the only one there without a paper and not invited.  They couldn’t figure out who I was or how I found the conference!  They were quite welcoming nonetheless and since then I’ve decided that if I’m to go I must come with a paper in hand and thus also contribute to the mix of ideas (as well as having myself something to defend).

Lamest virus ever

I received the following in my work email today. Check out the bottom line which I highlighted yellow.

Lame Virus

Apparently their virus writer only knows how to write viruses for Outlook Express.

Silly word games

I saw this today:

is only one letter short of

Yes, and “manager” is only two.

Deep man…

Addendum: All moved in

(Apparently pasting the google map markup into the code page of WordPress makes both the Visual and Code editing unusable: I couldn’t see anything in either.  But it published fine!)

We need more furniture, in particular a kitchen set since all we have is two chairs at the kitchen counter presently.  Patti’s already been cooking up a storm and loving the kitchen, and I’m loving her loving the kitchen.  Luckily the bike path is basically out our back door and I’ve been on some really beautiful rides along the river.  After the first one I thought, “yes, this alone made it all worthwhile”.

All moved in

Some people have asked me based on previous posts whether or not we’ve now moved. We sure have!

View Larger Map

The move went surprisingly well although we were expecting the movers to do some packing of awkward things (e.g. stereo) which they weren’t expecting. That hitch aside, nothing and nobody got hurt. Well almost nobody, Colleen cut her self with some very sharp scissors trying to open a box.

We had lots of help from Colleen and Patti’s parents (thanks again!) and the kitchen was cleaned up and unpacked that very day. Patti’s sister Deb came by two afternoons to help Patti refine the kitchen arrangement. I decided not to try to figure out where anything was until after the dust settled.

We’re now 2+ weeks in and its starting to feel like home. Its a really lovely house. The kitchen through to the family is of course turning out to be the heart of the home. We have this other room which people call “living room” but I like to call “room with expensive furniture which we never sit in”. Apparently, according to other home owners, that’s what they’re for.

We’ve had a few guests over so far, including my good long time friend Arun who stayed the weekend (our first house guest!). Its amazing how different it is having a proper spare bedroom and all the extra space, its so much more relaxed having a guest stay over. Mind you, Arun is a pretty relaxed house guest under any circumstances.

Friday word thing

If you’re a timid planner, does that make you prepidatious?

Addendum: Turns out there is some disagreement on whether trepidatious (also sometimes spelled trepidacious with the former having more agreement) is a real word.  You won’t find it in and the wordpress spell checker shows it as an error.  But you will find it in some alternative dictionaries.  It also begs the question whether it differs from trepid.

Out with Sympatico, in with Rogers (gripe post)

(Alternate title: “Turns out I’m an internet junky”)

Patti and I moved into our new place on Tuesday (yeah!). I didn’t get a chance to set up the computer until Thursday evening (somehow Patti thought the kitchen was more important, mind you she is a damn good cook). Found the modem, found the laptop, hooked it up… no internet.

Called tech support, waited over 20 minutes … zzz… got some guy oversees who can barely speak English. He claims that we didn’t put a move order in. Patti was the one who notified all the utilities, and if you know Patti, then enough said.

I have to call back on Friday during business hours.

Friday morning. I am not told that this area doesn’t have high speed, and the reason why the order wasn’t executed was because there’s no high speed. So, they just … left it. Best they can give is one meg, and oh by the way the move order will take 4-7 business days.

You have to be kidding. My god man do you know what its like to live without internet?!! And with the Sunday night WoW game only days away…

One meg? How primitive. Next you’ll expect me to go dial up! Hrmph.

Called Rogers. “How about tomorrow between noon and 2?”. Next day, on a Saturday? Wow, fantastic!

Speeds up to 8 meg, but I got the 7 meg (512K up) which matches the down speed I had with Ultra (up is a bit slower).

Subjectively, and perhaps its just because I’ve been internet deprived for a few days <scratches arm nervously>, it *seems* faster!

I would’ve preferred Sympatico, Rogers does traffic shaping though they deny it, but they left me no choice.

I did a little dance for joy when I was able to get to a web page again. <kiss kiss kiss kiss> There’s just no going back.

New House!

Patti and I just bought a lovely new house. Its in the Lincoln Heights area of Ottawa, with beautiful natural surroundings like Mud Lake and the Ottawa River close by. And, dang handy for getting to work too! About 3x the space of our present condo, I think we’ll need walkie talkies. We’ll be moving in mid September.

Front of House

(actual size much bigger)

I grabbed pictures from the real estate listing sites and have them here in Gallery. You’ll need the guest login “friends” and pswd “forlife” (keeps the bots out). When you see the pictures of the kitchen you’ll see why I was sunk as soon as Patti saw it. We like to say that we bought a kitchen with a house attached.

Now we just need to sell the condo in the market!

How to annoy City Council

Further to my previous post on the city’s cancellation of the crack pipe exchange program, I read in the paper today that City Council is rather miffed that the Aids Committee of Ottawa and others have decided to fund the progam themselves until the end of the year. It seems that council believes that their wisdom, like the Pope’s, is devine and without error.  I could just see Rick Chiarelli, lip quivering, “You … you can’t do that!”.

So because I think its a good cause, and because heck its rather good sport annoying City Council, I’ve made a donation to the Aids Committee of Ottawa towards this project.  You can too!

Eclipse-specific blog started

Those who get this blog via the planet-OTI aggregator have already seen that I’ve started a new blog for Eclipse specific subjects at’s new blog facility.  The advantage of blogging at Eclipse is that all comments are covered under the same IP protection as bug reports, etc.

Now, if I only I could upload pictures, add categories consistently, choose a different template…