Kids know: recumbents are cool!

Often when I ride my recumbent kids will light up and say things like, “wow, cool bike mister”.  Parents will tell their children, “look at the neat bike”.  This evening, one kid about maybe 10 said, “That looks like its really relaxing”.  I told him he was very smart.  I always say a kind “thank you”.

I will admit that when I first got years ago I wondered the kinds of reactions I’d get.  Almost 100% its positive.  Even the teens, who try to be oh so reserved, will often chirp up, “Nice bike man”.

And what a wonderful way to ride along the Ottawa river, surrounded by the beauty of the river, trees and parks, and the excited kids greeting me. I often come back with a kind of happy glow about me.

4 Responses to “Kids know: recumbents are cool!”

  1. Erigami Says:

    Could you post some details about your bike (brand, cost, pluses/minuses)? I’ve been looking for a recumbent for a while, but they seem so damn expensive.

  2. Kevin Says:

    Sure, its a Burley Limbo. Here’s a link:

    I don’t know if they’re still made, I went to the Burley site and just saw wagons.

    Unfortunately its tough finding a shop that carries them. I got mine in Toronto in a shop up in Richmond (can’t recall name). That was about 10 years ago. I think the cost was around $2000-$2500. They’re not cheap for a decent one. But they are worth every penny.

    What I liked about it was the upright ride; some are so low slung that you end up with your head quite forward of your shoulders, and that type of neck/shoulder loading was what I was trying to fix. Don’t know how much you’ve looked into them but there are basically three lengths. Mine is the mid. Shorter and your feet are forward of the front wheel, which can be a bit odd but you can get used to it. They are more nimble though. Longer are great for very long rides but its more weight and less agile. So I thought the mid was perfect but I could go with a compact. Other choice is regular or underseat steering. I didn’t go for that because I found them odd enough to ride as it is, but that config does provide the most relaxed posture and completely unobstructed view.

    I didn’t find a lot of cons of this particular one. The cons in general of ‘bents are that they’re tough up hills since can’t use your weight and they tend to be heavier than a road bike, and of course more cost. But the pros are fantastic ergonomics that make long rides a complete pleasure, no sore neck/shoulders/wrists/ass. And what I love in particular is the unobstructed vista, where you sit back comfortably and can easily watch the water, trees, people. I don’t like them in traffic though because you can’t see around so well.

    I have a road bike still for short runs/zipping around city, but I will now always have a recumbant. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

  3. Cody Harris Says:

    I think I might have seen you one day from the bus, as I dont’ assume many of them are around. One day on the bus we were rockin the the parkway, when I saw a bike fairly similar to that one (but we were doing like a billion miles an hour, so I didn’t see if it was you or not).

    Anyways, to be a bit off topic, I have accepted a job at QNX this fall, so I won’t be playing with you guys at 4 :( . Keep in touch though, maybe we can work out something over a beer somewheres. (Not like pub italia, something more…tame…)

  4. Erigami Says:

    There’s definite fancy tickling going on here…

    One of the answers I’ve seen to sore ass: