I miss London!

Wow, its just so energizing being back in London. I am staying at a hotel near to where I used to live. Coming up the Camden tube 8am Saturday morning I could smell the fried onions from the previous evening’s hotdog vending fest that fills the bellies of drunk Camden party go’ers every night. It brought me right back … “Hey, I remember this smell!”. My room is quite funky, overlooking the Camden Locks and market and constant bustle of life there. What a buzz.

Yesterday afternoon I was running around like a puppy, excited, seeing all the old sites. Did a mini pub crawl with Kim and her boyfriend Jeff to my old “locals”, The Engineer and The Albert. Everything is pretty well just as I left it some 8 years ago.

Great party at Tim’s with an international cast: Brits, Italians, a couple from France, a girl from Equator, a Mexican, and of course, a Canadian or two! Wonderful to see David and Elena again who visited us with Tim and Maddy last year. A great bunch of warm, friendly, and genuine people at the party, a real testament to Tim.

2 Responses to “I miss London!”

  1. McQ Says:

    Glad to hear you made it over the pond ok. I didn’t get what “funky” was supposed to convey in this case. Was it just “cool” or was it “cool but looked like it came from the funk era” or was it “smelled like a locker room”?

  2. Kevin Says:

    Funky as in retro/modern mix: the wall behind the bed is a deep blue light by a band of light between the headboard and wall, cool little halogen lights everywhere, the wash basin is raised above a blue/green glass base… one of the more modern looking rooms I’ve ever stayed in. However, given proximity to canal, I’d say that in the summer it could very well also be “locker room” funky!