Gay animals in the news

Perhaps it’s old news now since I was reading this in a month old copy of Maclean’s magazine, but apparently Poznan, Poland, have recently acquired a gay elephant.  The controversy appears to be over the fact that after building an expensive enclosure and acquiring this elephant, their hopes of increasing their herd size are rather dashed.  That, and the fact that the elephant’s predilections “devaluates the institution of marriage and is an affront to the almighty”.  I say, live and let live. You can read it all at Elephant News (for elephants, about elephants, by elephants).

But that’s not all.  Those liberal minded European’s also proudly provide home to a pair of gay penguins (I mean though, who can tell them apart?  … “Bob?”  “No, I’m Ethel”).  What’s particularly cool is that they’re successfully raising an adopted chick together.  Which just goes to show that caring is more important than anything else in raising a child.

I figure we have gay rights, and animal rights, I’m waiting for the highly specialized “gay animal rights” group to form. I just checked, and “” is open!

One Response to “Gay animals in the news”

  1. Kevin Says:

    McQ mentioned that I missed the gay polar bears that were in the news a few months back. I did a search and, well all I can say is that while I knew that “gay + bear” had a certain meaning, I didn’t know it was specialized down to polar bears. Note to self: don’t search for these things at work.